March 16, 2012

Haiga 791 - Fire Haiku 2

Haiku and artwork by myself.
In the past, I wrote haiku about death. When one gets certain age, people nearby begin to pass away. My mother did two years ago, and so did my uncle just recently. Today is his funeral. Tonight, there will be a ceremony to remove the soul from the body, and tomorrow is the actual funeral.
Having lived a bit over 60 years, my impression is like "Is my life already coming to the final act?" I believe in rebirth of soul, and that belief gives me some comfort.

For this haiga, I used an actual photograph of the firework. And added the abstract color areas and dots.
New iPad is on sale today, with much better screen quality. Try download the samples of my haiga ebooks. They fit perfectly to the screen size of the iPad, as well as of the older iPad.

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