March 31, 2012

Haiga 803 - Light Haiku 14

Haiku by Tomizawa, Kakio (Japan). Artwork by myself.
This haiku is about shadow, but also of light. There is no shadow where there is no light. These are inseparable pair.
I revised this haiga a few times, mostly changing the background color, to make it fitting to the spring of the year.
Last year, the color was kind of melancholic grey pink because of what happened in the East Japan in March. It has been a year since the disaster, and though the recovery is still on it way, we are able to enjoy the spring season without reservation, hence this color.

When I made this haiga, I paid attention to the colors of the shadow area of, first of all, the saucer which was painted with warm grey of spring, and secendary of the egg, to which I did my best to add very faint blue hue, so that the shadow would retain a bit of winter. Very subtle contract in the shadow areas.
The contrast might not show, depending on the kind of monitor screen you have.


Gwil W said...

excellent illustration - has a feel of Magritte

kuni_san said...

Thanks. Magritte is one of my favorite painter.

Jessica said...

Love the light and the shadow. This egg is just perfect.

kuni_san said...

Some shapes in the nature are simply and wonderfully artistic.