April 2, 2012

Haiga 804 - Light Haiku 15

Haiku by Elaine Cleveland (USA). Artwork by myself.

I remember I was fascinated by a pair of colored windows in an old library building located near my home. It was about seascape: sea, wave, and sailing ship. I did not know the name then, only much later learned it as stained glass. And still much later, I was able to see the real staindgrasses, like rose windows in Europe.
Also near by was an old house with a lot of screen paintings, not only on the paper screen, but also on wooden boards.

These artworks provided favorite spots for me, where i could just stand or sit around alone, simply wondering and admiring. My precious moments in the childhood. Such experience seems to linger even today.


Linda H. said...

This is my favorite "light" haiku so far. Beautiful image for wonderful words...stained glass on a twig. How fitting!

kuni_san said...

Thanks, Linda san. Light does majical things.

Jessica said...

This is beautiful. The butterfly really does look like a stained glass. The light in this illustration is just fantastic. Lumniscent.

kuni_san said...

Light is a wonderful friend to colors.