May 14, 2012

Haiga 821 - Ikuyo Yoshimura haiku

Haiku by Ikuyo Yoshimura. Artwork by myself.

I am a type of artist who gets easily bored with one style of drawing or painting manner. Sometimes I use only computer mouse to complete haiga. Other times, I use sumi brush, crayons, pastel, etc. Sometimes, I like to employ geometric shapes, and the other times, I simply go ahead with free hand.

What style I choose is not from my willfulness, though. I peruse each haiku and determine the style best fit to its content. This is why my haiga works have variety of appearances, and I like it that way.


Anonymous said...

Very good. I like diversity, too.

Henrique Pimenta said...

Tua "rebeldia" artística produziu uma excelnte parceria com Yoshimura!

Vessislava said...

It was a pleasure to see this haiga. Thank you for sharing!

kuni_san said...

Thank you all. I always like this child picutre book touch of artwork.

Alan Summers said...

Enjoyed this very much. Great to have literary allusion used in haiku more often too.