June 22, 2012

Haiga 846 - Kuniharu Shimizu haiku (senryu)

Haiku (senryu) and photograph by myself.

There are so much to see, enjoy, and admire at the place like Alhambra palace. When I was there, there was hardly enough time to do all that because I was with a group, whose guide constantly reminded us to stay together.

If I had time, I would have done the same as this lady in the photo. Taking a nap right in the middle of this paradise maybe the best way to spend time. Individual tourists have luxury of napping like this, whereas group tourists can do so only on the bus. I just hoped she did not carry anything valuable in her bag.

My eyes were caught by this scene because I saw interesting juxtaposition of sleeping lady and beautifully tended flower garden. I just pointed my digital camera, made quick framing, and shot. I had to do it fast because my group was quickly moving away. The accompanying haiku came out easily.

Many years ago, I wrote this haiku after a trip to Praha:
pickpocket and I are
under the same roof

I had the following Basho haiku in mind then.

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