June 21, 2012

Haiga 845 - Kuniharu Shimizu haiku (senryu)

Haiku (senryu) and photograph by myself

The bus engine burned out in the middle of a city. While waiting for a substitute bus, I saw through bus window this couple across the street. I took out my small digital camera and zoomed in. I tried to stabilize the camera by pressing the lens to the window pane, but still the subject was too far and the photo came out quite fuzzy.

I applied a few digital filters to the photo with my Photoshop software. I tried to make use of the fuzziness and turned the photo into a nice soft-focused one, which I think is appropriate for this subject matter. I had paelia rice for lunch the day so I included it in the verse.

One good thing about photo haiku is that the image often shows the season so the haiku verse does not need to include season words.


lea199 said...

Very nice Haiga,
My attempt at translation into Slovenian:

leno popoldne
drobtina paelie
na njenem vratu

Best regards,

kuni_san said...

Thanks for the translation. Though I cannot read it, it looks cool.