June 30, 2012

Haiga 853 - Kuniharu Shimizu haiku (senryu)

Haiku and photograph by myself.

A corner of a street caught my eyes. It was quite nondescript corner, a kind of place where people walk pass, ignoring it. As for me, however, the scene became a place of interest, directed camera, and shot a few photos, trying to capture a certain mood which the scene possessed.

What is the mood? I myself cannot verbalize it well. All I can say is probably that the state of the country I heard time to time was nagging me: near bankruptcy, sagging economy, high unemployment rate. All these are happening to a country once flourished as a world empire.

We tourists are visiting the legacy of the empire, not so much minding the life of the people there. Though scant my observations were, I thought the country was splendid, rich in history and culture, having places of interest all over the land. I hope that the country persist as is. I really hate to see such a wonderful country losing what it has.

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