July 18, 2012

Artwork for the book cover

Artwork by myself.

More than a year ago, Dimitar-san requested me to do some artworks for his pending publication. I made about ten haiga, and also book cover art, and sent them to him. And yesterday, he emailed me, informing that the book would be published early next year. The anthology will contain 820 poems by 385 authors from 42 countries. Sounds like an awesome publication.


Alan Summers said...

Stunning artwork, making for a very distinctive bookcover.

I wish it every success.


Anonymous said...

I admire and respect your cover art work and Dimitar Anakiev's editorship of a monumental undertaking and a much needed global anthology for us to reflect upon. My work will appear there as well.

May it have a lasting impact on this world.


snowbird said...

I am so very glad to see Dimitar's book come to fruition... and it's only fitting that you, Kuni-san should be chosen for such an important work.

I was also pleasantly surprise and happy to see the fun art work you recently suppied for Alan Summer's haiku.