July 18, 2012

A few words on haiga

In haiga, the artwork is not subordinate to haiku, but rather occupies the equal position. Let’s take man and woman as an example, let’s say man is haiku and woman is the artwork. Man and woman, finding some affinity or emotional pull, get together and a child is born. In the same way, haiku and the artwork, each independent but shares some commonness or contextual pull, are put together, resulting in haiga, a work with new value. Mature haiku + mature artwork = mature haiga, is what I want to say. If seen in the example of renku, what follows haiku is not another haiku, but an artwork.


Asni said...

Thank you Kuni-san for sharing this. I've always made the mistake of describing what's in the image all this while!

lea199 said...

Thank you, herself, I describe what I saw.