July 1, 2012

Haiga 855 - Kuniharu Shimizu haiku (senryu)

Haiku and photograph by myself.

The photo image is rather surreal, but it is an actual scene, wind turbine under construction. Without the fan, which is about 100 meter long, the pole looks like some kind of monument.

A guy in my group had experience woking on wind turbine installment. He said the turbine and installment cost somewhere from 1million to 2million dollars, depending on the number of turbines and locations. I saw hundreds of them while riding on the bus, so quite a investment has been put into already. I later learned that there were more than 3000 turbines around Spain now.

One problem with wind is the rising utility fee, because of the high initial cost. But, no matter how high fee gets, it is much better than having no electricity, which is indispensable in contemporary life of ours.

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