July 24, 2012

Haiga 868 - Rita Odeh haiku

Haiku by Rita Odeh. Artwork by myself

Among the haiku contributions, this haiku by Rita-san caught my attention. Really nice haiku (senryu) itself, and seemed to give me an idea for a short story.


Alan Summers said...

Congratulations Rita, a fine accompanying haiku for the artwork.


Rita Odeh said...

A good artwork is a good source of inspiration.
Thanks Kuni_san for accepting my senryu.
Thanks Alan for taking the time to write your supportive comment.
I am enjoying these activities.

Christine L. Villa said...

Hey, sis! Good job! Congratulations! :-)

humbird said...

Wat to go, Rita! Congratulations!
I love your art work, Kuni san! Thanks!

Nicollette Foreman said...

Well done Rita! Well deserved :-)


Rita Odeh said...

Chrissie, humbird and Nicollette thanks for your lovely support.

Linda H. said...

Well done, Rita. Your haiku is a perfect match for this artwor.