July 22, 2012

Haiga 867 - Alexis Rotella+Kuniharu Shimizu senryu

Senryu by Alexis Rotella. Original artwork from the web. Digital manipulation and bug drawing by myself

I happened to read Alexis-san's tweet yesterday, a senryu about lady bug. Just for fun, I started making haiga for it. At first I looked for an Indian female statue with sensual pose, the kind you often find on the stone wall of temples. I however could not find appropriate one so I searched something else and found a color portrait of a woman. It was too colorful, as in most of Indian paintings, so I did a little digital manipulation to get the effect I felt comfortable with, then I added the ladybug illustration I had done before, placing it as if it is crawling on the painting of the woman.

The image might be too illustrative of the verse, but it's ok. I'm just having fun.
Here is differnt version:

Alexis-san worked on my haiga, and sent it back to me. She added lines and red ornaments on the artwork with her iPad. I then added my bug illustration. The artwork had a new appearance so I came up with a new senryu and added it to make a new haiga.

Just having fun again.

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