July 21, 2012

Something for a change 7

Artwork by myself

Now that the London Olympic is about to begin, I am presenting this artwork for you. I am not sure if this artwork will inspire you to write haiku or senryu. But my reasoning is, Cor van den Heuvel writes a lot of baseball haiku, so why not Olympic?


Rita Odeh said...

the parallel lines
of the olympic pool-
missing you

Gwil W said...

this olympic pool
where they dive in
at the shallow end

humbird said...

testing the waters
London Olympic
games we're playing

polona said...

jumping over to the senryu side:

olympic triathlon:
after the transition
he takes a comfort break

Christine L. Villa said...


swimming duet . . .
he falls in love with two
at the same time

Nicollette Foreman said...

your castle in the air
streaming pure gold
may your dream come true

Alan Summers said...


swallow dive
water is my demon
I long to kiss

Alan Summers

kuni_san said...

Thank you all for fine contributions.