July 21, 2012

Haiga 866 - Polona Oblak haiku

Haiku by Polona Oblak. Artwork by myself.

Wow!,18 contributions!
Thank you so much, all of you contributors, for showing interest in this "Something for a change" series. Your enthusiasm really make my selection a difficult task. After perusal, I picked Polona's haiku.

I made a little adjustments in the artwork so the verse stays contextually and physically comfortable in it. The adjustments are: changed the color of the butterflies (including the one in the bottle), and their locations; made the green twig more distintive; changed the color of the bottle bottom; omitted the cricket; enhanced the blue of the background.


Alan Summers said...

Congratulations Polona, well deserved, and a great re-tweaking of an atmospheric artwork.


polona said...

wow, what a nice surprise! thank you, Kuni san, i'm a fan of your work.

and Alan, thank you too, for the kind words.

kuni_san said...

Glad you liked it, Polona-san. Like your pose, holding the camera.