July 19, 2012

Something for a change 6

Artwork by myself.

Any haiku or senryu contribution?

The artwork is put together with elements I made for several haiga before.


Rita Odeh said...

in the dark
I am not alone...

Rita Odeh said...

back to sleep...
dreaming of the same
white butterfly

Asni said...

letting go
what might have been …
spring awakening

Artūras Šilanskas said...

afterparty kiss
butterfly on the edge
of a daybreak

Claude LOPEZ-GINISTY said...

Light for butterflies
Is like a flower of flame
That burns them like Love

Nicollette Foreman said...

I'm trapped in twilight
away from the loving warmth
unlike my cousins

Nicollette Foreman said...

world without colour
I fly within foxgloves
I can pretend

LECHAIKU said...

Dear kuni_san,

poor moth,
come on, I show you
the moon

Peter Newton said...

their wings
from a dream
for my collection of sounds

Goda said...

everlasting sorrow
for childhood collections…
dream within a dream

Diane Mayr said...

summer heat
the cat's half-hearted
swipe at a moth

Anonymous said...

street lamp
a moth flutters into
the jar of light

polona said...

this was published before but i think it goes well with your image:

becoming cold
a white butterfly drifts
into my dream

Claude LOPEZ-GINISTY said...


Claude LOPEZ-GINISTY said...
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lea199 said...

middle of the butterfly
himself in his solitude

Goda Evans said...

peaceful Blessing Moon
releases butterfly dream
just after its birth

Alan Summers said...


roman à clef
a new book's ending
under the glass

i.m. Sylvia Plath 1932 – 1963
author of The Bell Jar

Alan Summers