July 19, 2012

Haiga 865 - Alan Summers haiku

Haiku by Alan Summers. Artwork by myself.

From the haiku constributions for "Something for a change 5", I picked Alan-san's haiku. I like the contrast of the subject matters, big truck in the artwork, and a can of coke in the verse. However the sizes differ, both are man-made things, expressing their existence in their own ways.

I made a few minor changes in the artwork so the verse fitted in harmoniously.

Thank you to all who contributed haiku.

This artwork reminds me of a painting I did in my school days. It was done on a big canvas, where a part of Harley Davidson (a Honolulu Police bike) and an enlarged part of crashed coca-cola can. I had James Rosenquist's paintings in mind. This one, especially.


Alan Summers said...

Thank you kuni_san for selecting my haiku verse, and for those subtle tweaks in the artwork.

I greatly enjoyed your write up and weblinks to an artist I'll come back again and again too.

Alan, With Words

Anonymous said...

What an imaginative pairing. The gleam of the industrial world of machines and metal, and cans of cherry cola, with room for a morning star. Posting this at my blog word pond, with delight! Thank you both!


kuni_san said...

Thank you two for encouraging comments. Love making book covers.