July 7, 2012

Something for a change 2

Artwork by myself.

Again, no word from me. You are welcome to add haiku, senryu, whatever to this image. Write it in the comment. I will then pick the one I feel is the most suitable to this image, and will add it to the image.


I am off to Tokyo for a few days.


Patrick Sweeney said...

Such a lovely blue. Thank you.
-Patrick Sweeney

laughing granny said...

uplift -
those inner flaps, a mind
of their own

kuni_san said...

I made a little cleaning here. Thank you for a fine poem, Granny.

t.treloar-rhodes said...

An immediate haiku came to me--

looking out the window, a little girl's daydream

Christine L. Villa said...

soaring wings . . .
the freedom to dream
whenever I wish

Christine L. Villa, USA

Joan Barrett Roberts said...

dance upon a winged blue sky
everlasting rise
spirit soars towards my day

awalkinmyheart said...

an eagle
and my dreams …
the same sky


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Sorry for the deletion:

midair a dove brushes past the dancer’s toes