July 6, 2012

Something for a change

Artwork by myself.

Spain haiga series is over now. I guess you are getting bored reading my haiku every day, so here is something for a change. Just an artwork and no haiku. You are welcome to add your haiku, senryu, whatever.Just write your thing in the comment.

You lie on the ground, push yourself up, put hands together, and the next moment you are slammed on the ground. Horizontal prayer position is possible only for a very brief moment, but you dedicate your whole body and mind. The time is so short that only thing you can say in your prayer is just "Thanks".


Anonymous said...

between the clap a prayer

kuni_san said...

Thank you, Martin-san. A good one.

Rita Odeh said...

moment of worship-
between pushing my self up
then down