July 29, 2012

Something for a change 9

Artwork by myself.

Anyone wish to contribute haiku, senryu, poems?


Christine L. Villa said...

claustrophobia . . .
I look farther to see
a bigger space to explore

Peter Newton said...

yard sale
the empty fishbowl
still wet

no_hokku said...

the size of caught fish
a goldfish bowl

Vida said...

carefully slicing the worm...
I wonder if they got my note
"gone fishing"


Rita Odeh said...

by the river-
catching the goldfish
in a poem

Stella Pierides said...

fishing tales
I turn the page for more
of the same

Jane Reichhold said...

the other air
of a new face

Alan Summers said...


things change–
learning her lines
with new glasses

Alan Summers

Anonymous said...

on the sill a goldfish passes the water tower