September 3, 2012

Haiga 882 - Matsuo Basho haiku from Nozarashi Kiko

Haiku by Matsuo Basho. Artwork by myself.

This haiku is the first one in Basho's "Nozarashi Kiko", Journal of the bleached field.
The journal was based on the trip Basho made in 1684 through 1685(Left Edo in August, returned the next year on April). Here is a link that shows the map of the trip.

The journal begins with the following passage:
"I set out on a journey of a thousand leagues, packing no provisions. I leaned on the staff of an ancient who, it is said, entered into nothingness under the midnight moon. It was the first year of Jo ̄kyo ̄, autumn, the eighth moon. As I left my ramshackle hut by the river, the sound of the wind was strangely cold."
(translation copy right by University of New York Press, Albany) Here is a PDF by UNY Press, Albany.


Gwil W said...

I know these feelings well. In the winters I can feel the cold wind in my bones. In the hot summer in the mountain river I can feel the coldness of the water in my wrists. All this means is that I am still alive.

Good stuff! Hope its a series!

kuni_san said...

Yes, I will try to go along the journey with Basho.