May 11, 2011

Haiga 582 Ai Li haiku - rain

Haiku by Ai Li of UK. Artwork by myself.

When I left Tokyo yesterday, the sky was heavy with rain clouds. As my bullet train approached Kyoto, rain began to pour. I heard in the news that this rain was brought by the tyhoon, the first one in this year. This means rainy days continues for several days.

Today is thus another rainy day. More humidity in the air. I made printouts of emails containing many haiku and requesting letters, and they all feel damp. It seems the humidity is almost 100 % here.

I already have several project to complete this month, and yet new emails have brought to me more projects: a book cover for a haiku book to be published in Tokyo, and a short article of recommendation for a haiku book to be published in London. It is like in this haiga, I want to relax lying back on a desk chair, but rain keeps me away from the comfort. Nice to be busy, though.

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Devika Jyothi said...

Nice haiga, Kuni-san...this and the previous,

"two deck chairs... alone" - there's a contradiction, but very perceptible :)