February 24, 2011

Something for a change, an old poster

Just a few days ago, I got Kindle and started reading "Just Kids" by Patti Smith. I purchased the ebook because it was listed as a bestseller, I did not know who Patti was. It turned out that the story was about a young couple, almost my contemporary (Patti is slightly older), who struggled in art and poetry, and eventual Patti's success as a rock 'n roll singer song writer.

In about the same time, I was an art student myself. This poster here is from the time when I was studying fine art at U of Hawaii. The year is not on the poster, it is probably 1970. People on the poster (me on the far left) are my painter friends. We were so enthusiastic then, not satisfied with school activities alone, that we borrowed a big warehouse near Ala Moana and shared it as our studio.

I dated with two girls in the photo. Won't mention who.

A mega-hit song,
after so many springs
still stings my heart


Devika said...

hmmm, dating two girls from a batch...not bad! :)

Just kidding, This is nice, Kuni-san....makes me want to look at our souvenirs -- poems, art we did as college students; so much enthusiasm in those days...now art societies -- most are just farce....i find it good that i landed in blogs :)


Alexis said...

i bet one the girls you dated was the tall blonde.

haiku-art said...

... I enjoy that, brings back memories.

kuni_san said...

The tall one...she was gorgeous, had some french blood somewhere. We were all really good friends. One guy even gave me a bag-full of grass when I left Hawaii, which I successfully smuggled into homeland.

Alan Summers said...

Kuni_san, you bad boy, you sound like a Russell Brand of your day! ;-)

Like Alexis I immediately guessed the tall blonde (Rona) as one of the girls? ;-)

Are they all still practicing art?

Patti Smith's Because the Night was one of my all time favourite tracks when I was younger: YouTube link

all my best,

Area 17 blog

kuni_san said...

Alan san, I was just a good boy pretending to be a bad one. I lost contact with all of them. I wrote about it in a short story called "Worldman", which is included in Red Leaves, a literary jounal in AU.

Alan Summers said...

I could never imagine you as a bad man, ever. Although we are allowed to be harmlessly naughty when at college. But I can imagine you were a very fine friend to them, and I wish them all happiness in whatever pursuits they are following.