June 19, 2012

Haiga 843 - Kuniharu Shimizu haiku

Haiku and photograph by myself

A notable thing in southern Spain is the blue sky. Infinite and pristine, and cloudless blue sky. I took a lot of photos with a large sky area, and am using one of it for my desktop image so I can see it everyday at a place where rainy season clouds cover the whole sky daily.

Typhoon is coming, it seems to pass over my area tonight. I know there is always blue sky above the clouds, no matter how thick they are. I am looking forward to seeing the sky after the typhoon has passed this area. Typhoon usually takes with it the clouds and the blue sky will show afterward.

When you make a photo-haiku, an important thing is of couse that the photo itself is sound. It should clearly show what the point of interest is. If unnecessary elements are included, which happens often in snap shots, those elements should be eliminated digitally so the viewer can focus on what you want them to see.
In this photo, the sky was whitish so I pasted good blue sky taken from other photograph I had shot. I eliminated small things in the building so the two men stand out. The exaggeration and the elimination will help.

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