September 5, 2012

Haiga 884 - Matsuo Basho haiku from Nozarashi Kiko

Haiku by Matsuo Basho. Artwork by myself.
Eng. translation of the haiku, copyrighted by State University of New York, Albany

The 3rd. haiku from "Nozarashi Kiko".
Basho was passing the Hakone Mountains. It was misty, no sign of the Mt. Fuji. Basho enjoyed the hazy sight, however, thinking he could play around with his imagination.

I played around also, drawing only the background patterns, leaving only a hint of the outline of the famous mountain.


Gwil W said...

Kuni San, I recently took a photo of a mountain which looks like your illustration. It's not Mt Fuji but it could be taken for it. I put the photo up and a link to your post. Thanks again for the inspiration!
Gwilym Williams

Edgar W Hopper said...

Kuni San this is wonderful. I've seen days when Mt. Fuji was barely visible due to cloudy haze.

kuni_san said...

It is so true that the unseen stirs imagination. The creativity kicks in.
Haiku begins with sketch, but without imagination and creativity, it ends up mediocre.

Gwil W said...

In addition to what you say there Kuni-San I personally find that haiku in English affords much scope for word play, particularly with similar sounding words such as 'seen' and 'scene'.

Anonymous said...

stranger in the fog
fence post